Cover Ebook Tutorial Collecting Spatial Data using OpenStreetMap (OSM) [Beginner Level]

Module: How to Collecting Spatial Data using OpenStreetMap (OSM) [Beginner Level]

March 11, 2018 663 0

Every day thousands of people contribute to OpenStreetMap, a project with the lofty goal of mapping the world. Most OSM software is free and open source, and the data is open for anyone to use. The idea is simple: if you make a map of your town and I make a map of mine, we can share those maps on a common platform. With enough people contributing, we can make maps and collect data throughout the world.

Collecting Spatial Data using OSM Beginner Level is a step by step guide designed to help anyone get started with OSM, no matter what skill level you are starting from. While it might seem daunting at first, OSM is simple enough that anyone can get started creating maps, and as your understanding grows you’ll find that you can do more and more interesting things.

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Ebook “Collecting Spatial Data using OpenStreetMap (OSM) [Beginner Level]”

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