Cover Ebook Tutorial Collecting Spatial Data using OpenStreetMap (OSM) [Intermediate Level]

Module: How to Collecting Spatial Data using OpenStreetMap (OSM) [Intermediate Level]

March 11, 2018 490 0

Collecting Spatial Data with OSM Intermediate Level Module is step-by-step guide designed to help anyone who wants to increase their skill for editing OSM data. This module might look difficult, especially for those who start knowing OSM. So, we recommend that for those people to start reading Collecting Spatial Data with OSM Beginner Level Module first before you read this module.

This guide is made for those who want to increase their technical skill during editing OSM data, it also shows how to do geometry validation to reduce common mistakes that might happen during editing process.



Ebook “Collecting Spatial Data using OpenStreetMap (OSM) [Intermediate Level]”

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